Testix. FAQ.

What is Testix?

Testix is an online service for creating interactive content: quizes, mini-games, interactive panoramas and other non-standard formats. Create your project in 5 minutes: just select one of the templates and add your content.

How does Testix work?

Testix allows you to take advantage of interactive content without programming and design skills. The main idea of Testix is ​​working with prepaired templates. Select the template that best fits the Template Gallery and configure it using the Testix editor. Each template is a ready-made project that can be published. After publishing, you will receive a direct link to your project on the Testix platform, and the code to insert the project on your website or blog. Each project already contains customizable Facebook and social buttons. Also, you can collect statistics using the Google Analytics counter.

How much does it cost to create a project on Testix?

It is free. Right now you can use all the features of Testix. Create and publish projects without restrictions.

What interactive formats can I create with Testix?

Now it is possible to create quizes, mini games like "Memory" and panoramas. In the near future, the number of formats will increase.

How to create your Testix quiz?

Especially for you, we created a detailed blog on Medium

What tools are used to collect statistics?

You can link your project with the Google Analytics service.

I need help creating a project. What can I do?

Use the contact form on the bottom right of the screen. Our specialists will answer you as quickly as possible and help to resolve any issues related to the creation and publication of the project.

I need additional features. Can you help me?

Write to us. We will definitely come up with the best solution to your problem.

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