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Interactive content builder

Quizes. Create easily

Create your quiz in 5 minutes. Select the ready template and add your content. A powerful online editor and instant publishing are at your disposal. All features are available for free.

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Mini-games. Memory

Upload images to the template - and your own game is ready.

The game "Memory" allows you to check yourself and know if the images are corresponded. For example, what brand of car is it, a football player and his club, in which country a piece of architecture is located.

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Photos 360° for Facebook

A unique format that allows you to create a 360° panorama from a regular photo, sign any objects on it and post on Facebook. Create your own tours to interesting places - now you have the opportunity to tell the whole story!

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We have an update!

We have updated the editor, added statistics and integrations, a convenient personal account, new templates and a new format.
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